Category: Songwriters

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell (2015)

Devastating and brilliant depiction of Sufjan’s unorthodox upbringing and blended family. Some of these songs will flat out make you weep. This is songwriting at its peek. A flat out masterpiece. Standout Tracks: Eugene, All of me Wants All Of You, Should of Known Better Buy it:  Carrie & Lowell (Amazon) Stream it:

Sharon Van Etten – Tramp (2012)

This album is heart and the most highly articulated emotional intelligence I’ve ever heard (at least lately) on wax. WFMU loves her and so do I. I am trying to think of a song that builds as beautifully as All I Can and I’m at a loss.  Listen and fall deeply in love. Standout Tracks: All I

José González – In Our Nature (2007)

With so many great records José captures melancholy the way nobody else can. Beautiful flamenco style guitar loops and a quiet sublime voice that delivers a huge impact. This one sticks for good. Standout Tracks: Cycling Trivialities, In Our Nature, How Low. Buy it:  In Our Nature (Amazon) Stream:

Sean Rowe – New Lore (2017)

Sean Rowe is a man out of time or some place else. His voice just doesn’t sound real, it sounds impossible, at the same time it’s impossible that this isn’t his voice. You have to listen to get it. This album takes you in and makes you want to take him in and swaddle him

Daniel Jeremy Meyer – Demolishes Love (2017)

Came across this guy on a random Saturday morning listening to WFMU. Top notch singer/songwriter type. Songs are raw and tightly crafted, and take you on a journey to uncertain places. Sad or happy hard to say, probably a kind of blend. Life. Standout Tracks: One More Morning, Auburn & Crimson, My Gemini. Buy it: 

Mary Gauthier – Mercy Now (2005)

Mary Gauthier sings like she doesn’t give a fuck what you think, but she probably does. Hence the heartbreak. This album is lived in and you can live inside it. Amazing depictions of stragglers, bums and drunks. Life is hard, life is beautiful, life is short. Standout Tracks: I Drink Buy it: Mercy Now (Amazon) Stream: