Category: Punk

Buzzcocks – Love Bites (1978)

I remember the first time I heard The Buzzcocks. It was in 1995 or thereabouts and someone had made me a tape with them on it. Yes! A cassette tape. These little suckers are making a comeback these days, which is both awesome and ridiculous. A sure sign of success. Anyway, I put the tape

Patti Smith – Easter (1978)

This record is actually NOT Patti Smith’s best, for my money that’s Ethiopia, but the track Rock n Roll Nigg*r is such a phenomenally amazing song that it sweeps the tide in favor of this record being the top spot in her catalog. It’s impossible to imagine a major label artist today putting an album out with a

Flat Worms – Self Titled (2017)

One listen and this album is in my permanent collection. Instant epic face smashing opus. “Pearl” is a fucking gem! Think QOTSA meets Iggy meets everything cool you’ve ever liked that had heavy guitars meets Gang of Four meets early Nirvana meets drop d guitars meets fuzz. So so so good. No really, so good.

Black Flag – Everything Went Black (1982)

Because they had so many different vocalists, this compilation album with Keith Morris, Dez Cadena and Ron Reyes singing the earliest “hits” is a perfect introduction to the mighty Black Flag. Also has awesome early radio commercials advertising shows at places like The Starwood. Essential listening. Standout Tracks: Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie (Keith Morris), Louie, Louie