Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)

Nevermind was Nirvana's second full length record and the first released on major label Geffen in September 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, it's ultra slick production made you feel like you were listening to the early Beatles funneled through the voice of Paul Westerberg mixed with gravel, and the lyrics of someone who we knew

Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Tendencies (1983)

Musically 1985 was a strange year for 13 year old me. I had just starting learning how to play guitar and was beginning to get very interested in punk rock music. We were also experimenting with recreational drugs and getting into psychedelic and classic rock, which was pushing my guitar playing. We also fancied ourselves

Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking (1988)

My brother and I were the only white kids on the bus and even better, I had bleach blonde dreadlocks and my brother was a dead ringer for Joey Ramone. We were like two Chongs sans Cheech. We were quickly befriended by a girl named Maria on the bus, although I don't think we hung

Patti Smith – Easter (1978)

Patti Smith – Easter (1978) Bad Ass Punk From The Bad Ass 70s This record is actually NOT Patti Smith’s best, for my money that’s Ethiopia, but the track Rock n Roll Nigg*r is such a phenomenally amazing song that it sweeps the tide in favor of this record being the top spot in her catalog. It’s impossible

Queens of the Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf (2002)

You can literally see Dave Grohl smiling as he bashes away on this masterpiece. The last of the first trio of records QOTSA put out, and every moment on it is sheer joy, which is why old Dave is smiling so much. “First He Giveth” and “Go With the Flow” are, to me, the standouts

Flat Worms – Self Titled (2017)

One listen and this album is in my permanent collection. Instant epic face smashing opus. “Pearl” is a fucking gem! Think QOTSA meets Iggy meets everything cool you’ve ever liked that had heavy guitars meets Gang of Four meets early Nirvana meets drop d guitars meets fuzz. So so so good. No really, so good.